Thank you for being willing to say the things God spoke through you.  Tonight, God really convicted me, when I raised my hand to admit it, the biggest weight just lifted off of me.  It was like I could breathe finally, like a cool breeze rushed over me, and like God just sat down next to me and put His arm around me.  Just wanted to thank you for being used by Him to help me, and so many other students. God is sooo awesome!  Scott <Colleyville>

This month has been really awesome. I started a coat drive at my church for Dallas Metro. It is going on through January and will help a lot of people. This year for Christmas I felt like God wanted me to give up presents. I told my family and friends to just write me a check instead of presents. All the money I get for Christmas will go to STL. I am excited to see what God will do.  Kathryn <Flower Mound>

Well, first the good thing that happened in November is when I went to Converge youth convention in Dallas. Kyle & Janelle were there and talked about sexual purity.  That was a good talk. But i really got to know the people that where in my room I and I think my friend got saved. But the Sunday morning service was the best God really talked to me and I let go of some things.   Ashlee <Gainesville>

I led 2 girls to Christ! I also started my club on Monday mornings. It is a prayer group and I chose to do it on Mondays so that we start the week out will a positive and Christ attitude. Our focus is to bring more people in to the Lord.                                          Jessica <Whitehouse>

I just started my campus club “Intersect” (changing the direction of your life). Everything’s going great! Started with 7 people but it seems like our club is going to increase with approx. 4 to 5 people. Keep on praying for us.  David < Dallas>

I am trying to start a campus missions club on my campus. I have met all of my principals requirements. Now all I can do is wait for him to give me the good to go. I went to the YA meeting at Calvary Church on the 13th and got a ton of good resources. I’m good to go, I just need to wait.  Josh < Flower Mound>

Me and a friend are starting a prayer group on our campus in the next few weeks called reveal, revive, and revolutionize. I’m excited to see God’s plan for us in action. More details to come next month!  Kasey <Chandler>