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Seven Project: 5 Touch Points

Seven Project: 5 Touch Points

Five Touch Points into Community for Seven Project

  1. The Seven Kickoff Service

At least 7 weeks before the first scheduled school assembly make plans for a Sunday night Kickoff Service.  This night will include students and leaders from all the churches participating in the Seven Project. The night schedule will be lots of vision, prayer, and insight into what the Seven Project is all about.  The churches will walk away with a fresh passion and a clear picture of what winning the schools in their community will look like.

  1. City-Wide Vision Night

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Starving Lions

Let’s consider one such saint in particular: a beautiful child full of faith named Susanna.  She’s six years old.  Her name signifies a lily, and she’s as precious as a fresh morning flower– blonde hair, blue eyes, and in love with Jesus.

The year is AD 404, and Susanna’s entire family has been chosen to entertain the wicked Roman emperor and a host of heathen. Within a few minutes Mom, Dad, little Jeremiah and Susanna will be dead.  The family has been given the opportunity to recant their faith in Christ.  “Deny Him and live,” they are told.

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Describe the Word of God

How would you describe the Word of God?

God used ordinary people to record His Word.  These men were challenged and shaped, not just by the content’s wisdom, but also by the authority and anointing that was on each word.  Here are a few ways that some of the writers described the Word of God:

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Altar Observations

The altar is an awesome place.  As far as I can recollect, I have spent hundreds of hours in the altar, even as a child. Thinking that God lived in the altars, I would answer almost every heartfelt plea and cry that the pastor would make for those of us in the pews to respond to God.  In my mind, this was the only place for God to meet with His people.  Since those early years, I have been educated that God is Omnipresent, meaning we can meet with Him anytime or anywhere.

Even though God can meet us at any location, I still feel there is something special or unique about the altar in a church. 

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Five Entry Points into Schools

Psalm 110:2-3 Rule in the midst of Your enemies. Your people will volunteer freely in the day of Your power;

People ask us all the time, “How do you get into the schools?”

Our answer is always: prayer and people.  It cannot happen without prayer and through prayer God will always give you people to accomplish the dreams in your hearts for the students in the school. Below we have provided five simple entry points that will help you get into your local schools.

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