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Kyle has been married to his high school sweetheart, Janelle, since 1999. They are the proud parents of two of the cutest kids you will ever meet: Mallory and Tyson (aka T-Bone). Kyle and Janelle were both raised in Irving, Texas and are graduates of Irving High School, as well as Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie. Kyle also holds the athletic honor of being the most famous “personal protector” in the history of Irving High football punt teams.

Raised in a broken home, Kyle was determined to learn from his life experiences rather than be defined by them. He is passionate about equipping young people with the tools needed to write their own success stories. He is a rare combination of talent, charisma and work ethic. He truly wants the ceiling of his accomplishments to be the floor, or starting point, for the next generation.

For Kyle, motivating students is more than just an occupation; it is a way of life. A former youth pastor, he has spoken to more than 100,000 junior and senior high school students in his travels across Texas. His passion and humor captures students attention while igniting dreams and confronting issues in their lives.

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We rely on ordinary people like you to carry out our vision of reaching every student in every school across North Texas. We are grateful for each person who sows into our ministry, whether through prayer or finances, in order to make an eternal difference in the lives of students.

We, the Embry family and Youth Alive team, commit to pray for our partners regularly; as well as keeping them up to date on everything that God is doing in the lives of students.

When you partner with North Texas Youth Alive, you are making an eternal investment into students all across Texas!

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*Please note, when filling out the one-time gift form,
please denote that your gift is for Youth Alive “Kyle Embry” in
the payment purpose box. (Second box from top under e-mail)

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[vc_willow_section_heading large_heading=”SHOW YOUR COLORS” small_heading=”Back-to-School series just for you”]

Show Your Colors is a flexible, 6-week youth ministry curriculum that is fully customizable to meet your needs. This curriculum was written by 3 Youth Alive missionaries from the Alabama, North Texas, and Rocky Mountain districts and is primarily designed as a back-to-school series, though it can be effective at any time during the year (except for summer). The central theme of Show Your Colors is equipping students to live out their faith in everyday life, especially at school. Each weeks topic is represented by a different color, and the topics build on one another each week, leading up to an evangelistic outreach night to conclude the series.


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Many followers of Jesus long to reach their communities, but have no idea where to start. What if it was as simple as showing up at your local school?


The Gospel of Matthew concludes with Jesus calling His followers to go and make disciples of all nations. We’ve heard this Scripture hundreds of times, and it often scares us. The idea of making disciples of all nations is daunting. Just reaching our own cities seems impossible. With our culture becoming more and more turned off to the idea of a Higher Power, the public schools have truly become Americas Unreached Mission Field. That is why the local outreach strategy of every church must include the schools.

Hidden in Plain Sight was written by twenty leaders who possess a rich history of school outreach. They are not well-known individuals or the next big celebrity preachers. They are ordinary people who have felt the call to meet students where they are and encourage them to become fully committed followers of Christ who in turn reach out to others. These are the heroes of the faith who often remain in the shadows.

If you are a pastor, youth leader, student, or parent who desires to share Jesus within the context of your normal, every day life, this book is for you. It will inspire, challenge, and equip you with practical tools to make disciples of all nations without ever leaving your neighborhood.

Kyle Embry is a gifted communicator, pastor, and director of Youth Alive North Texas, an outreach ministry committed to reaching students in public schools. Youth Alive works with churches, pastors, students, parents, and teachers to inspire students to live better and be better. In the last three years, thousands of students have committed their lives to Jesus Christ through the ministries of Youth Alive in North Texas alone. The nineteen other contributors to this book are people that Kyle has met along the way on his journey toward reaching every student in every school across the region.

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Check out our past Seven Projects in our blog by hitting this link.

Seven Project is more than a school assembly or evening rally. Rather, it is a strategic outreach event that serves as a catalyst to equip entire communities to reach their schools. Seven Project is distinct because it involves multiple churches from different denominational backgrounds coming together to achieve one common goal.

Seven Project is divided into three phases: seven weeks before, the one-day main event, and seven weeks after.

In the seven weeks leading up to the event, the Youth Alive team will cast vision for each of the churches involved, as well as providing them with promotional resources. The churches then turn around and impart the vision for the project to their students, providing them with resources, as well as training and encouragement.

For the main event, our team puts together fast-paced, high-energy assembly in the schools that covers topics such as abstinence, drug and alcohol abuse, peer pressure, scholastic achievement, self esteem issues, and the importance of making positive choices.


The evening event is also high-energy and consists of free food and giveaways designed to attract unchurched students. Trained speakers present the gospel in a clear and relevant manner.

The seven weeks after the event are a time for the churches to follow-up with students who respond to the gospel presentation. They will be plugged in with youth groups and/or campus clubs to begin the discipleship process. Many of the churches we have worked with have reported that their youth groups double in size after hosting a Seven Project.

Seven Project sets itself apart from other outreaches by involving students, churches and schools in one event. It is the largest and most effective strategy that Youth Alive offers and is fully customizable to each individual community. We can work with you whether your budget is small or large, or whether you have two or twelve churches on board. While its hard to grasp the full scope of this outreach without actually being there in person, we invite you to take a look at pictures from our previous events and contact us for more information on bringing the Seven Project to your community.

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Click here to download the “5 Touch Points into the Community” resource for the Seven Project.

Specifically designed for all your information about Seven Project in North Texas. If you have an questions or are interested in hosting a Seven Project, check out Seven at Schools.

For students who want free email and access to a sweet, safe Web community, www.thesevenproject.com is the place to be. Here students will find a place to express themselves through writing, artwork, photography, and messaging other members.

Want more information about The Seven Project school assembly program? Learn what its like, how to get it, and what to do. Share it with a principal or school administrator.

If you haven’t checked out the re-cap videos from previous Seven Projects, do that now! Hit the link up top and see what God has done in school across North Texas.

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YouTube Channel and Quarterly Round Tables
All of the topic sessions from the previous 4 years of training are all on-line with YouTube. Over 40 videos for youth pastors and student to be trained.


We will have a thread of Youth Alive training in every NTYM event across the year. So, we take a one day event and spread it out over 7 events that our youth pastors and students already attend.


We will take the finances and be more intentional about hosting lunches in different cities with Youth Pastor from all churches to talk schools. We are developing a school assessment piece that will help us be intentional about talking the right points to move pastors down the line for school ministry.

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Students reaching students is one of the simplest strategies that Youth Alive presents. We believe that everyday life provides the most often overlooked mission field. Campus missionaries are students who have a heart to reach their school and are empowered with the vision to do so. They are intentional about being a light for Christ on their campus and connecting with students who are far from God.

Campus Missionaries commit to:

PRAY daily for friends, teachers and others within their school who are in need of the hope that Jesus offers.

LIVE a life that exalts Christ in everything they say and do. A personal relationship with Jesus is a must to take on the challenge of reaching a community through the schools.

TELL their friends about the new life that Jesus offers.

SERVE an existing campus club or begin a new one.

GIVE their time and treasure to help spread the Gospel throughout the country and around the world.

Become a campus missionary today and receive a FREE welcome packet full of resources to help you get started.

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Campus Clubs bring Christian students from a variety of backgrounds together with one common goal: reach their school. They provide an outlet for students to encourage and draw strength from one another, as well as a safe place for students who wouldn’t normally attend church to discover who Jesus is.

Campus clubs are highly affective because they are student-led. Students are able to reach out to other students within their school in ways that parents, teachers and pastors cannot.

Youth Alive provides resources, ideas and encouragement to enable students to successfully lead a campus club.

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