19 | Leveraging SQUAD year after year and connecting to your schools with Kasey Murphy

Kyle and Kasey Murphy, youth pastor in San Angelo at San Angelo First Assembly of God, discuss SQUAD and schools. Learn how to take your SQUAD to the next level, how Kasey takes SQUAD and made it not just grow his youth ministry, but grow his leaders, and lead tons of students to Christ. They talk about how SQUAD has become such a great tool, they’ve even incorporated it into the “big” church and how to avoid it just being a ‘youth’ thing, but a whole community endeavor. Even reaching the schools and making schools a priority starting SQUAD each fall! Kasey’s making SQUAD work in an incredible way, this is a great conversation to have if you’re planning on running SQUAD at your church! Make sure you download SQUAD or SQUAD Remix today!

Have you downloaded SQUAD yet? It’s 100% free, provided by Youth Alive North Texas. Check out either the original SQUAD or SQUAD Remix:


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