Episode 00 | Introduction


What’s up guys! My name is Tyler, I’m a youth pastor in Albuquerque that has been helping Kyle with Online Roundtables, a few of his resources, websites, and now the Youth Alive North Texas podcast! Welcome to the all new Youth Alive North Texas podcast!

Youth Alive is all about equipping and empowering ordinary students to reach their schools in extraordinary ways! We want to get you engaged with stories, blurbs, and challenges all geared towards students willing to lay it all down to see Christ magnified on the campus. We wanted meet you whemvvre you’re at, taking some of the training we’ve done in the past and make it easier for you to access it in your crazy busy day. We’ve also got some new interviews and content coming up to equip you better. All of this to help you reach every student in your school and be a better youth pastor in general. Some of the content you’ll hear will include conversations from our Roundtables Online, new conversations with youth pastors, Youth Alive missionaries, and more.

Speaking of Roundtables Online, you may notice that some of the episodes you’ve heard before or recognize a bit. That’s because, again, we’re taking older content and redistributing it so you can access it easier. There’s some incredible meat in these that we want you to hear, but not have to be tied to a computer to watch a video on youtube or stuck watching on your phone when you’ve got other things to work on.

And like I said, we’ve got some cool conversations planned for the next few weeks that you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for. So search for Youth Alive North Texas on what ever podcast app you use and subscribe to keep updated with us! Thanks so much and hope you find all this content useful!