Episode 01 | Throwback – Ben Russell & Anthony Grizzard


Welcome to the new Youth Alive North Texas Podcast! We’re so excited to bring you training and stories to equip you to better reach your schools. In today’s podcast, you’ll hear Kyle talk to Ben Russell, the Alabama Youth Alive Missionary and Anthony Grizzard, the Student Pastor at EaglePointe Church in Denton, TX about campus ministry. These interviews were recorded during the 2015 Online Roundtables on November 15. You can check out the full interviews on Youtube at youtu.be/tjafkr3gtWg. We wanted to take the meat of these conversations and break them down into more bitsize content.


Ben Russell talks about the importance of overcoming your fear from past experiences when it comes to reaching campuses. ‘Cause getting on campus can be awkward right? Ben brings the encouragement you need to fight through that. He breaks down the myth that you have to have a huge budget, or any budget, to reach your schools and then has an incredible moment of vulnerability in what ticks him off.

Anthony Grizzard takes us through his two year process in making reaching his campuses a priority for himself and his youth ministry. He walks us through his struggles of school lunches, being turned away to visit the schools, and how he overcame those challenges. He works through where he found students who he empowered to be leaders in their school campus clubs and how to schedule campus clubs as a priority – as important as your Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings.