Episode 12 | Throwback – Andrew Lawhon & Lucas Levet Part 2


Welcome to the Youth Alive North Texas Podcast! We’re so excited to bring you training and stories to equip you to better reach your schools. In today’s podcast, you’ll hear Kyle talk to Andrew Lawhon, Youth Pastor at Freedom Church in Carrollton, TX and Lucas Levet, the Associate Pastor at Genesis Church in Mckinney, TX about reaching building campus bible clubs. These interviews were recorded during the 2016 Online Roundtables on April 14. You can check out the full interviews on Youtube at youtube.com/watch?v=9CapjzFGXUY. We wanted to take the meat of these conversations and break them down into more bitsize content.


This is the second of a two part interview where Kyle, Andrew, and Lucas discuss back and forth strategies to connect to schools, who has the most influence in starting a campus club, and what those look like. Next podcast we’ll get back to new conversations.