Revival @ Castleberry

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Let me tell you about a little phone call I had today with Victor Castillo, a youth pastor in Fort Worth.  He was super-pumped about what’s going on at Castleberry High.  You see, he has been serving the school for 7 months now with no expectations to receive anything in return.  Yet, God is opening the doors and Victor is seeing huge returns.  Victor has taking pizzas to lunches, cooked breakfast, and helped mentor students through the counseling office.  Well, his students are taking notice of his leadership and they have activated their faith in hopes to take back the school for Jesus.  Now, Victor feels they are on the verge of something HUGE in this school.  His prayer is that they will not be a hindrance to God’s moving within the school body.  I have a feeling along with Victor, something BIG is brewing.

Here’s the story: Four students from Victor’s youth ministry felt led by God to ask a specific teacher for permission to share their faith before she started her lectures.  They had only planned for 5-10 minutes.  Then, God showed up!  Students started asking questions like crazy.  Questions about salvation quickly arose and even the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  An hour later, they had moved from talking about God to praying to God.  These 4 on-fire students were leading friends to Jesus and praying in tongues in the middle of a school classroom.  Fifteen, that’s right 15, accepted Christ immediately before the bell rang.

These 4 students were so pumped.  The next week, they did it again with another teacher and 16 were saved.  That’s a total of 31 students saved on the public school in 2 weeks.  Teachers and Principals found out about these world-changers and told them they have no problem with their actions.  “Keep up the great work!”, they said.  Now, they are skipping lunch periods to share their faith in the classrooms.  WOW – I think revival is starting @ Castleberry High and the flames were sparked by 4 ordinary students.  Pray for more favor and more souls.

The same thing can happen in your schools in your city.  We are praying for students to ARISE!

Kyle Embry

For Kyle, motivating students is more than just an occupation; it’s a way of life. A former youth pastor, he has spoken to more than 100,000 junior and senior high school students in his travels across Texas. His passion and humor captures student’s attention while igniting dreams and confronting issues in their lives.