Five Touch Points into Community for Seven Project

  1. The Seven Kickoff Service

At least 7 weeks before the first scheduled school assembly make plans for a Sunday night Kickoff Service.  This night will include students and leaders from all the churches participating in the Seven Project. The night schedule will be lots of vision, prayer, and insight into what the Seven Project is all about.  The churches will walk away with a fresh passion and a clear picture of what winning the schools in their community will look like.

  1. City-Wide Vision Night

The Youth Alive team will invade your city’s youth services on a Wednesday night two weeks before the Seven Project day.  We will provide 4-5 Youth Alive team members to preach and cast vision for the Seven Project in the different student ministries hosting the Seven Project.

  1. I Am Second / Youth Alive Training 

This is a Saturday morning from 9-Noon training that will equip your key leaders on how to start small groups and Bible clubs on their school campus.  Personal evangelism will also be taught as being an important role in the follow process once Seven Project is finished.

  1. Sunday Morning Adult Recruiting 

The Youth Alive director will be available on a Sunday morning two weeks prior to the Seven Project Big Day.  The goal is to cast vision in a ten-minute window to recruit workers and money for the Seven Project.  An offering should be taken to help with the overall budget of Seven Project and sign up sheets ready to enroll those interested in helping with the outreach.

  1. Prayer Rally  

This prayer gathering is for all churches involved with Seven Project.  We will walk the four corners of the school the night before the assemblies and Seven@Night service.  This one-hour prayer emphasis is about rallying the troops and preparing our hearts for the next day of outreach.  Our prayer is for God’s presence and favor to be with us as we present the Gospel to lost students.

Kyle Embry

For Kyle, motivating students is more than just an occupation; it’s a way of life. A former youth pastor, he has spoken to more than 100,000 junior and senior high school students in his travels across Texas. His passion and humor captures student’s attention while igniting dreams and confronting issues in their lives.