Seven Project is more than a school assembly or evening rally. Rather, it is a strategic outreach event that serves as a catalyst to equip entire communities to reach their schools. Seven Project is distinct because it involves multiple churches from different denominational backgrounds coming together to achieve one common goal.

Seven Project is divided into three phases: seven weeks before, the one-day main event, and seven weeks after.

In the seven weeks leading up to the event, the Youth Alive team will cast vision for each of the churches involved, as well as providing them with promotional resources. The churches then turn around and impart the vision for the project to their students, providing them with resources, as well as training and encouragement.

For the main event, our team puts together fast-paced, high-energy assembly in the schools that covers topics such as abstinence, drug and alcohol abuse, peer pressure, scholastic achievement, self esteem issues, and the importance of making positive choices.


The evening event is also high-energy and consists of free food and giveaways designed to attract unchurched students. Trained speakers present the gospel in a clear and relevant manner.

The seven weeks after the event are a time for the churches to follow-up with students who respond to the gospel presentation. They will be plugged in with youth groups and/or campus clubs to begin the discipleship process. Many of the churches we have worked with have reported that their youth groups double in size after hosting a Seven Project.

Seven Project sets itself apart from other outreaches by involving students, churches and schools in one event. It is the largest and most effective strategy that Youth Alive offers and is fully customizable to each individual community. We can work with you whether your budget is small or large, or whether you have two or twelve churches on board. While it’s hard to grasp the full scope of this outreach without actually being there in person, we invite you to take a look at pictures from our previous events and contact us for more information on bringing the Seven Project to your community.